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Molly + Ruben (Sunset Rooftop Wedding in Plano, TX)

When I say this wedding was FUN I HONESTLY think you can look through these photos and tell that the crowd and couple know how to have a good time! I love weddings where the day is full of so much laughter and joy, and this one was filled to the BRIM! Molly and Ruben were married at Rooftop Event Spot in Plano, TX which was absolutely perfect for an indoor/outdoor ceremony and also dinner and dancing while watching the sunset!

Things to look out for on this wedding:

  • Molly is an elementary school teacher and incorporated sweet notes and drawings from her kids (awww!)
  • a million outtakes because this group is just TOO much fun
  • a trip to Starbucks with the gals (because it’s LITERALLY in the same building how could we NOT?)
  • that sweet hand kiss right after the ceremony!!
  • a beautiful memorial of two saved seats for Molly’s brother and father with special, personal items to remember them <3

Thank you again, Molly and Ruben for asking me to be part of such an amazing day! I’m grateful for people who bring so much joy into others’ lives!




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