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Dawn + Micah (Timeless Aristide Flower Mound Wedding)

Ever meet someone and you’re like “Oh yeah, we’re totally friends now”? That’s how it felt with Dawn from the first time we were on the phone! It helps that we have a friend in common who brought us together (Hi Amy! Love you!), but from day one Dawn has just been one of those open, caring, bubbly, all around just great type of people to be around, and I have just thought it has been pretty freakin’ cool that I got to shoot her wedding. 😎

This whole group of people were a blast to hang out and be around! I always think it adds sooo much to your day when you surround yourself with people who love to laugh and have fun, Dawn and Micah definitely had a lot of love and joy surrounding them on their wedding day!

These two were married at Aristide in Flower Mound (which btw is looking *stunning* since the remodel a couple years back! All that white leads to some GORGEOUS ceremony light!!) and totally timeless style that I absolutely adore.

Things to look out for in this wedding:

  • Dawn’s grandparents’ pictures and wedding rings adorning her bouquet
  • an exuberant first look with dad (his smile!)
  • one of the SWEETEST. LOVING. GAZES. from Micah as he watches Dawn walk down the aisle
  • some mighty fine private last dance pictures if I do say so myself (side note: must do at your own wedding! priceless, quiet moments together <3)

Thank you again, Dawn and Micah, for letting me be a part of such a beautiful day with some amazing people! I’ve loved every part of our journey together! 🤼🤼🤼



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