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Yeh-Wern + John (Houston Wedding at Lindsay Lakes)

I have a serious love for this family. Yes, FAMILY. You see, I’ve seen a lot of these folks before, when I shot John’s brother’s wedding a few years back (hi Josie! hi Robert!) So let me tell you a little bit about my time with these folks!

So first off, John and Yeh-Wern asked me if I would travel to Houston to shoot there wedding, which I replied with a whole-hearted HELL YEAH (because I mean… hell yeah!!), and even though their wedding was delayed by the-virus-who-shall-not-be-named, everything worked out perfectly with their venue Lindsay Lakes.

You see, the thing I love about Yeh-Wern and John and their families is, they truly love with their whole heart. You can see it in the way they talk to one another, the way they dance, the way they goof around; the authenticity of these people and the joy they bring WITH that is truly something that I find inspiring. Watching John and his brother interact, Yeh-Wern and her siblings… there’s such a connection there that you don’t always find. Seeing their parents added into the mix just had me standing back for a moment and think, “This… this is what I want for my children. This happiness that I see across all their faces.”

Yeah, I’m cheesy and sentimental, but I’m sure that feeling speaks volumes to so many.

These two aren’t afraid to act goofy or silly. They always have everyone laughing and having fun, just literally RADIATING joy. Y’all, we had SUCH a good time!

The bride’s father and I were having a conversation during the reception, and he just couldn’t stop talking about how proud he was of her. Telling me stories of her making paper cranes, her accomplishments… During toasts, John’s dad spoke about Josie as well, his other daughter-in-law, and said between the two of them, he and his wife truly felt like they had hit the jackpot when it came to adding to their family.

Just such a great weekend, and such a beautiful, beautiful experience!!

Things to look out for in this post:

— John doing a “happy dance” as soon as he sees his bride during their first look
— as Yeh-Wern and her bridal party walked down the aisle the song “Lava” which I freaking *ADORE*
— the beautiful, tearful vows (man I love that shot of YW! You’ll know the one!)
— a fun behind-the-scenes shot nestled in there with *THE SHOT* (you’ll know the one, it’s highly requested but hard to pull off!)
— one of my favorite things in the world, you guessed it, a private dance!
— some gorgeous night shots using the cool light installation at the patio at Lindsay Lakes!

Thank you guys again so much for letting me be a part of such an important day in your lives, I’m so, so grateful and will truly remember it!




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