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About Me

I’d say I am…

…a girl who doesn’t take herself too seriously and believes that laughter truly is the best medicine.

…an okay but mostly terrible dancer, but you’ll always find me on the dancefloor.

…proud owner and wrangler of two small boys who has mastered the exact balance between destroyer-of-all-things-electronic-and/or-irreplaceable and super-snuggler-who-demands-hugs-and-kisses-hourly. Family is everything to me.

…happy to call chips and queso an entire five-course meal.

…an animal lover, and have a cat named Sadie, a dog named Jerry Garcia (Yes, Jerry Garcia. The husband named him), and another dog named Tarzan (the eldest of my spawns named that one).

…an awesome gardener. Okay, well… in my mind. The dead potted plants on my porch probably would protest.

…an oversharer, overtalker, oversocializer (is that one a word? Meh. It is now!)

…a little geeky. Like in an enjoys making spreadsheets, loves to study and talk psychology, was totally a huge GoT fan (until the last couple seaso–ugh. Don’t get me started.)

…kind of (okay, completely) awkward but totally own it (I think). Somehow being super outgoing and super awkward helps me speak to fellow awkwards (another word I just made up).

…sort of doubting that you are reading this to this point. So I think I’ll just make up another one for good fun.

…sixteen time gold medal champion bobsledder.

…always wanting to make new friends, meet new people, and hear others’ life stories. (That’s where you come in.)


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