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Camille + YiJing (Intimate Wedding at Little Wren Chapel in Rockwall)

Camille and YiJing celebrated their vows with a close group of family and friends at the Little Wren Chapel in Rockwall. This chapel was absolutely adorable and the area surrounding felt like a private garden, perfect for portraits with the bride and groom! YiJing’s family was unable to travel due to the virus-that-must-not-be-named (going full Harry Potter villain with it now, haha!) so I’m so happy to be able to capture the memories for them to share!

Favorite things from this wedding:
— Camille’s DRESS! HELLO! I feel like the dress was literally MADE for her! The off-the-shoulder is sooo perfect!
— You see those red shoes? Yeah, Camille custom painted them with gold designs! I love the addition of red to tie in Chinese tradition!
— That big ‘ole “YOWZA” face YiJing makes during their first look!
— Also, right before the first look, I love how you see the electricity in the air by Camille’s body language as she approaches her groom!
— One of my favorite shots from this wedding is a simple black and white during the ceremony when Camille’s father gives her hand to her soon-to-be husband. <3




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