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Jamie + Taylor (Wedding at The Barn at Wolf Ridge with a Dreamy Color Palette)

I think I’m going to start a fan club just for this wedding. I’m the president, I’m calling it. I’ll fight you for my position, and I’m pretty sure you’ll be on the club board once you get through this wedding!

Let’s make the list! The list of things that I loved about this day!

  • THIS COLOR PALETTE. I’m obsessed. Tones of rust, orange, sage, and cream… I’m in LOVE.
  • This COUPLE. I had a super, super, super awesome time during this whole wedding journey with Jamie and Taylor. They truly seem to melt into each other when close and are open and authentic, really leaning into the love they share together.
  • This VENUE. Have I sung praises of Brenda at The Barn at Wolf Ridge Farm? Because guys, I really love not just this venue, but the PEOPLE who keep it running. Not only is there a great mix of glam, rustic, and modern aesthetic, but they are actually emotionally invested in each wedding that takes place there.
  • Jamie’s dress! I’m actually stoked because David’s Bridal featured one of these photos on their instagram!
  • I was so honored to capture was both Jamie’s mom and Taylor’s mom gifts honoring their late fathers. How special that they were able to be there in many ways throughout the day.
  • GOLDEN HOUR, GOLDEN HOUR, GOLDEN HOUR. Guys. The golden hour photos. We snuck out mid-reception to grab some shots and I literally cannot describe them any other way than “MAGICAL”.

Every once in a while I’ll have a wedding where I’m leaving thinking, “Can I just be adopted into this group of friends? Where’s the sign up sheet?” This was 100% one of those weddings!

Congratulations again Jamie and Taylor! I’m beyond honored to have been a part and hope we continue our relationship despite the miles of distance!



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