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Shelbi + Cole (Gorgeous Muenster Wedding at Heritage Park)

I love love love this family. The whole lot of them! I’ve been lucky enough to photograph multiple weddings throughout the years with this extended family, including Cole’s sister’s wedding — and every. single. time. the day is not just a dream to photograph, but a BLAST to be a part of!

I promise I’ll swoon about this wedding (there’s PLENTY, trust me!) but I need a moment to get all lovey-dovey: I honestly don’t know if I would do what I do if it weren’t for my “frients”—clients that turned into friends (see what I did there?)

The people I’ve met along the way of my career as a photographer have been the heart of it all. During this wedding—and the weddings like it—I’ll constantly have previous brides, grooms, moms, dads, and even familiar guests approach me throughout the day. Sometimes to say hi, sometimes for hugs or high fives; on the dance floor I’ll get shout outs and hugs and cheek kisses (as seen below, lol), but most wonderful to me is when people stop me to say thank you. 🙂 I swear, I couldn’t pass by Shelbi and Cole’s parents, friends, or family without them throwing a compliment or some form of gratitude my way—and for someone like me? That goes so, so far.

OKAY WEDDING TIME! Let’s talk about my (okay I’m gonna limit myself I swear) fave things from this day!

  • LOVE LOVE LOVE working with such talented vendors! I’m going to have to make a list, but can we have a SERIOUS talk about how talented Makeup by Krista Ann is?! If I walk in the door and see her? There is no DOUBT in my mind that this wedding party is going to look gorgeous!
  • SPEAKING OF BRIDAL PARTY — Look at all these gorgeous ladies!! SO many beautiful blondes! I may or may not have tried to establish a buddy system with the fellow brunette of the group (Hi Erin! BRUNETTES 4 LYFE!)
  • And YES the groomsmen are not that bad looking EITHER, but really what I love about them is just how much FUN this group is!
  • First look with dad is always a favorite; there was such a sweet moment when Shelbi’s dad just paused and watched her on the stairs with the biggest smile. So sweet!
  • After the ceremony, one of my favorite shots is when the bride and groom have that moment alone after walking down the aisle as man and wife. It’s that moment when they look at each other like “WE DID IT!” Love their faces in that shot!
  • Added in for my resume: my advertisement for Busch Light. Sometimes I love sneaking in little funnies like this into a gallery and wait for my clients to say something!
  • THE RECEPTION Y’ALL. Can we give a shout out to our vendor artists?! They made this place a work of ART! Everything from the layout of the floorplan, the draping, the timeless floral, the neon signs, the cake, the grazing table, the dance floor—I just could go on and on. If you are familiar with Muenter’s Heritage Park venue, I’d say it’s safe to say they absolutely TRANSFORMED this place. So classic and elegant mixed with modern!
  • Okay, I’m better. NO JUST KIDDING—guys, these might be like top 5 golden hour shots I’ve done at a wedding. If I haven’t told you before: SET. ASIDE. TIME. FOR. SUNSET. THIS IS WHY.
  • A couple of behind the scenes photos snuck in there that I love shot by the talented Kate of Kate Pease Photography. <3
  • One shot that is a favorite of the day, and so, so random, is a shot I took while we were walking to the mustang for part of our photos (OH THAT’S RIGHT DID I MENTION WE HAD A CLASSIC CAR??) The shot is of Shelbi looking at Cole as we walks backwards in front of her—just the look on her face as she laughs with him, it’s so candid and authentic… moving truck and vendors in the background and all.
  • Guess who showed up at the reception?! I mean, if you’re an OSU family and the groom played FOOTBALL for OSU, who else but Pistol Pete to make an appearance at your wedding!?
  • That last dance, y’all. Look at it. WILL YOU JUST LOOK AT IT?! Again, one of my favorite, favorite moments of the night. But really, guys… I’m super proud of these shots. 🙂 I love when we are shooting and immediately, before even looking at the actual shot, I KNOW we nailed it. SO gorgeous, and SUCH a beautiful end to the night!

Congratulations again Shelbi and Cole! Thank you, thank you guys for asking me to be a part of this amazing journey! I truly love reliving this day!

Amazing Vendor Team:
Band @jordankahnorchestra; Bar @hdliquidcater; Coordinator @fawnhollowevents; Draping @dfw_drapeandlighting; Hair @hairbymyrla; Makeup @makeupbykristaann; Photobooth @mirmirphoto; Rental + Floral @a1weddingandpartyrentals; Rental @lawsonrentals; Transportation @bighat38; Videography @forevervideosbydeeann



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