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Fall Sunset Family Session in Grayson County (Texoma Family Photographer)

I have no words for this absolute dream of a session on this family’s private land near the Texas/Oklahoma border! I’ve been photographing this family since that tall teenager there was just 4 years old!

I love it when I have clients who trust me and say “You tell me where!” when it comes to light and spots for photos—it doesn’t hurt that this family’s property may be one of the most beautiful pieces of land I’ve ever seen! In this session, once we got our “safe shots” I really enjoyed just letting the kids take the reigns on what we did the rest of the session. It was truly magical as we picked flowers, caught frogs, threw a couple lines, and even did some wading in the lake.

(↑ this gal here to the left took this picture of her parents on the right—look at their smiles!<3)

Grayson County Texas Photographer

And a couple of personal landscape shots because it was just such a beautiful evening!



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