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Branding Session – Paige Davidson

Paige was actually one of my very first friends when I moved to Texas.  Her and I have become incredibly close and I am so grateful for our friendship. When she asked me to do her brand session I was SO excited! I just adore her work and I could not wait to showcase all of her amazing talent in some gorgeous images!

Paige has MANY talents including, oil painting, watercolor portraits, and pottery! She has a flare for the southwest style and her work really pops in her gallery that is  actually a generational storefront that has been in her family for years! The location is so eclectic and cool and even has a large sarsaparilla mural on one of the walls! She sells all her artwork and even handbags in her shop and when I tell you the energy in there is infectious I mean it really IS!!

Fun fact about her space; my husband and I actually got married there! She cleared out her whole space except for some artwork and we had the most perfect intimate ceremony with our closest family and friends. It was literally perfect for our personalities and was exactly the aesthetic I was hoping to find for our special day. I am SO grateful she allowed us the opportunity to use it and now when I visit her there I am reminded of our day and am transported back to it. I love it so much!

Paige is free spirit who is always laughing, she has the coolest cat in town who is Instagram famous name El Guapo and so of course we had to include him for our session as well!

I absolutely LOVED this session and I truly hope these images exude who she is as a human, artist, gallery owner, cat momma, and friend!

If you wanna check out Paige’s gallery you can do so at the following links:


Cahoots Handbags:

Paige Davidson Studio:


I hope you give her a follow and if you support her work I know she would be incredibly grateful!

Enjoy some of my favorites from our session below!



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