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Taylor + Clayton (Granbury Wedding with a Perfect Sunset and the Chik-Fil-A Cow)

I. Love. These. People. Like, every single person in all of these photos, but I have a serious crush on Taylor. She’s witty, funny, likable, talented, and also humble (probably too humble, tbh). I’m trying to write less on blogs because I know you guys aren’t going to read three paragraphs of me talking about how much fun and how amazing this wedding was for not just the guests, but me! So here’s a list of stuff to look out for, in order:

  • Taylor and a police officer, “invited” by yours truly. (I accidentally pressed the 911 button on the hotel phone, which actually means that a police officer has to come regardless if there is an emergency or not. So while everyone is loading up getting ready to go to the venue, I was giving my info over to an officer and assuring them I wasn’t in danger! lol!)
  • Dude, they had the Granbury trolley haul them all around, how freaking cool is that?
  • A UNICORN OF A SUNSET. All day it was raining. The type of day where I’m sitting here racking my brain as to find the best covered area to take portraits of Clayton and Taylor. When it stops raining right before sunset, you always have a chance of having the most magical sunset. AND HOLY CRAP. THAT ISH WAS MAGICAL!
  • A blurry selfie including these two and my right-hand-woman Kristina!
  • Some of the best toasting I’ve witnessed!
  • An amazing collection of designed goodies all made by Taylor herself (I told you, talented), including the custom Chik-Fil-A bags (Clayt & Tay! How cute!)
  • Oh, speaking of Chik-Fil-A? THE FREAKING COW WAS THERE. LIKE ON THE DANCE FLOOR GETTING DOWN. Seriously one of my favorite things to happen at a reception.
  • One bomb ass party that will go down in history as one of the funnest receptions in history!
  • Damnit, I wrote too much again, didn’t I? #sorrynotsorry


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