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Jayme + Braden (McKinney Outdoor Ceremony at a Rustic Ranch)

I have had an amazing year full of so many military weddings, all of them so awesome in their own individual ways! One of my favorite parts of Jayme’s wedding was the sword arch at the end of the ceremony! It’s the first time I’ve ever gotten to photograph a sword arch so I was so freaking stoked!

Jayme and Braden were just so amazing to photograph. I mean, Jayme is gorgeous (good lord I love her skin) AND she’s the type of girl where you wanna make matching friendship bracelets. Probably more so on my part, because I’d come at her with some weird sounding ideas for shots, and before I could end with a “Trust me, I promise it will look good!” she would be nodding and asking what I wanted her to do. Yes girl. Yes. That’s where the magic happens!

Loved this venue because you get that amazing open view of the west, perfect for sunset photos, and it’s also in McKinney?! What?! This place looks like it’s secluded in some rural county (aka where I live)! Add in that chandelier and drapery installation, and Rock Creek Ranch has my heart!

Thank you Jayme and Braden for letting me be a part of this awesome day! I’m so happy we became friends!

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