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Alyssa + Justin (4R Vineyard and Winery Wedding)

The first time I met Alyssa to talk I was like “OH HELL YES THIS IS MY GIRL RIGHT HERE.” She described to me the way that she and Justin met and how he pursued her and how, when he introduced her to his daughter, she immediately fell into love with not just Justin but his daughter. I wish I could put into words how beautifully she said it! It gave me goosebumps hearing all about it!

Alyssa and Justin were married at the serene 4R Vineyards and Winery, one of my fave places to shoot! It has rolling hills, an amazing vineyard, and the most magical sunset view you could ever not just see, but experience!

The entire wedding, start to finish, involved Justin’s daughter. From first look with her dad, to Alyssa giving a vow to her during the ceremony, it was pretty amazing how much she was a part of such an important day in all of their lives!

Thank you guys for letting me be a part of a beautiful memory in your lives together!

You can view their wedding gallery here: Alyssa + Justin’s Gallery




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