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Welcoming Sonora(Denton, TX Birth Photographer)

This was my first time photographing a birth for a client. I’ve photographed the births of two of my beautiful nieces, but never someone outside of the family.

In comes Cera and Paul. Cera and I became Facebook friends after I photographed her sister three or four years ago. We became pregnant within a month of each other, and so we’ve always bonded online about our little boys. When she told me she was birthing her second child at Inanna Birth Center in Denton, and wanted me to PHOTOGRAPH it, I pretty much tried to hug my computer screen in hopes that Cera could feel it!

It was an amazing, amazing experience that really has no way of describing. Many people are perplexed at the thought of a non-medicated birth, and even more so at the thought of a midwife. But trust me, my friends, you will never have or experience anything as beautiful as watching a baby born in such a loving, natural environment. The difference between the atmosphere at Inanna and a hospital is night and day, and I say that as a mother who labored and delivered naturally in a hospital. I can say, though, that I look forward to turning to Inanna for our second child, though.

Sonora was born at 7:48pm on a very hot Friday in August, weighing in at 6 lbs., 9 oz. She was welcomed by her parents Paul and Cera, along with the loving care of her mother and also a midwife. Her and Paul’s family waited anxiously outside the birth room to meet Miss Sonora. Oh, and I guess I was there too! Sobbing like a baby, unable to handle how absolutely beautiful the entire experience was.

Thank you again, Cera and Paul, for allowing me to be part of such an amazing, indescribable experience.




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