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Rare Lazy Saturday(Personal Post)

Not usual for me, but I’m hoping to do this more often… It’s personal blog time! A little peek at what my Sundays (and rare Saturdays) sometimes are composed of. This particular day, I had my nieces over, and we just spent part of the morning hanging out.

The girls got a makeover with Marshall’s boy clothes. I tried to find the most “boyish” clothing I could to surprise my sister when she saw them next. 😉 Emily found my print packaging and that didn’t last very long…
Emily’s “uh oh” face. ^
They discovered they could turn a box upside down and make it into a drum/stepstool… 
Look at these sweet girls!
I always feel like Marshall and Emily look as if they could be twins. It warms my heart so much.
Julia showed up, ready for dress rehearsal for her recital. 
And an obligatory of Marshall and Jerry. 🙂



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