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Ashley + Josh(Texas Aggie Wedding)

What’s with all the Aggie weddings?! What can I say… Aggies just love me, I guess? Haha! Ashley and Josh’s blood runs maroon through and through! You might remember Ashley from her bridals posted earlier in which she looked like a freaking country music star. Well, her wedding was no different! She’s just absolutely glowing (thanks...

Jenn + Brandon(Dallas Loft Wedding)

Texas Tech wedding or Aggie wedding? That is the question… Despite the playful dueling over teams that happened before and during this wedding, these two are two of the most loving, awesome couples I’ve had the pleasure of getting to know. I met them I think two years before their wedding, right after Brandon proposed...

Jaime + JohannaPart II (Marie Gabrielle Wedding)

So, don’t you start reading on this post before you read Part I, the ceremony. You’ll be in big trouble! Okay. Done? Good. Here’s the amazing, beautiful rooftop reception in downtown Dallas, held at Marie Gabrielle’s. Talk about an amazing venue. I’m in love with the courtyard look of everything, and especially the large bulb...

Jaime + JohannaPart I (Marie Gabrielle Wedding)

I had not met Johanna or Jaime in person before the wedding. We had only had a skype date here and there with a couple of phone calls in between. But you know what? I’ll never forget these two. I’ll never forget the way they look at each other, the way they teared up upon...

Ashlie + Chris{Fort Worth Backyard Wedding}

Ashlie and Chris were married on a Thursday. But not just ANY Thursday! It was 10/11/12! How cool is that anniversary?! This girl was probably the most down-to-earth brides in the universe. During her bridals, she hopped a gate in her wedding dress and heels. I mean, I liked her before, but at that point,...

Personal PostHappy Father’s Day!

Sometimes I post personal things on the Facebook page, and I know that almost always it has to do with either Zach or my son, Marshall. However, these two are my absolute world. You may be familiar with a couple of other video montages I’ve made of Marshall before, but I wanted to make something...

Senior Julianne(Fort Worth Japanese Gardens Senior Photos)

Julianne’s mom contacted me about doing Julianne’s senior portraits at the Fort Worth Japanese Garden and I almost squealed out of delight at the opportunity. Little did I know, this Marcus High School senior is an AMAZING natural beauty and can equipped with the most complimentary dress to her personality and gorgeousness!  I have to...

Larissa’s Bridals(Hickory Street Annex Portraits)

Gorgeous, gorgeous Larissa! I was so excited when Larissa emailed me to shoot her bridals at the Hickory Street Annex in Dallas! It’s a beautiful historic venue in Dallas and Larissa is a beautiful bride to match! She rocked my favorite Texas bridal look: a wedding dress with cowboy boots! She asked if she could...

Senior Winky (Flower Mound High School Senior Portraits)

How insanely gorgeous is this senior? Winky is just fantastically photogenic and completely natural in front of the camera. Meeting her and her mother was definitely a pleasure! I swear that she needs to become a singer or actress or something just because so many of these photos belong on some sort of album cover...


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