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Blair + Riley
(Fall Wedding Anniversary Session)

Blair initially contacted me about doing an anniversary session with her hubby, Riley, specifically because was in love with my photos that were backlit, full of sun coming in and filling up the frame with warm goodness. She even knew the name of the time I love to shoot, which is the “golden hour”. We went back and forth on schedules, and finally decided on a date in Fall where we decided we’d basically just have to cross our fingers REEEEALLY hard and WISH for a day that wasn’t overcast.

Lo and behold, the evening we shot, we had the GOLDEN-iest, SUNSET-iest (both legit words–trust me, I’m an expert word-maker-upper) light you could ever hope for! It turned out to be a magical little session full of so many laughs and honestly just a really, really good time.

Thank you, Blair and Riley, for being so awesome, supportive, and just down right on par with my humor! Haha!

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