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Alexa + Greg (Private Ceremony with the Cutest Pups Ever!)

I can’t believe it, but this beautiful bride right here? I shot her SENIOR PHOTOS waaay back. I’m so, so, SO honored to have crossed paths with her again, and SO glad that I got to meet her other half, Greg. 🙂 These two were supposed to have their wedding in May, right smack dab...

Amy + Brandon (Tulsa Wedding at the Gilcrease Museum)

Me and this girl here go way back. I’m talking back to my embarrasing days in high school wear I may or may not have dressed in all black and dyed my hair black. We were band nerds together and one of my best summers included roaming around band camp with Amy here. I’m super...

Miranda + Michael (Whispering Oaks Wedding in Valley View)

Every time I meet another Miranda, I get all “THERE CAN ONLY BE ONE” and challenge them to a battle–okay, no. But honestly, I’ve only met a couple of Mirandas in my life. I have this thing where I think Miranda is definitely a brunette name (I mean, I’m brunette, so obvs), but now that...

Alyssa + Justin (4R Vineyard and Winery Wedding)

The first time I met Alyssa to talk I was like “OH HELL YES THIS IS MY GIRL RIGHT HERE.” She described to me the way that she and Justin met and how he pursued her and how, when he introduced her to his daughter, she immediately fell into love with not just Justin but...

Kasen + Dan (Glam Wedding at Aristide in McKinney)

Ever meet someone where their joy is just CONTAGIOUS? Okay, well that’s not just Kasen here, but both Kasen AND Dan ANDDD their families! The type of people where you just want to HUG them as soon as you meet them because they just beam positivity! Kasen and Dan have been together since high school...

Jayme + Braden (McKinney Outdoor Ceremony at a Rustic Ranch)

I have had an amazing year full of so many military weddings, all of them so awesome in their own individual ways! One of my favorite parts of Jayme’s wedding was the sword arch at the end of the ceremony! It’s the first time I’ve ever gotten to photograph a sword arch so I was...

Amber + Connor (Vintage Glam Wedding at the Winstar Casino)

Ever see someone put together something so spectacularly that you kind of just want to do a redo of your own wedding? Just me? Haha! Well, Amber and Connor’s amazing vintage glam wedding was to DIE for. They pulled out ALL the stops to make it one of the most memorable experiences not just for...


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