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Sam + Micah (Awesome Wedding with a Bounce House)

Samantha and Micah are those people who you know you are ALWAYS going to have a good time when you are around them! And that’s exactly what their wedding embodied, just tons of fun, partying, a true CELEBRATION with a big huge lot of framily (that’s friends and family, but mixed together!) There are three...

Natalie + Chris (Chestnut Square Wedding in McKinney)

When Natalie and I first talked, it was so crazy because I totally felt like, “Oh hell yeah, we are the same tribe, this girl gets me!!” and I was thinking that it’s so wonderful to meet people who really kind of reach you on a personal, deeper level than others. You know, the type...

Yeh-Wern + John (Houston Wedding at Lindsay Lakes)

I have a serious love for this family. Yes, FAMILY. You see, I’ve seen a lot of these folks before, when I shot John’s brother’s wedding a few years back (hi Josie! hi Robert!) So let me tell you a little bit about my time with these folks! So first off, John and Yeh-Wern asked...

Molly + Ruben (Sunset Rooftop Wedding in Plano, TX)

When I say this wedding was FUN I HONESTLY think you can look through these photos and tell that the crowd and couple know how to have a good time! I love weddings where the day is full of so much laughter and joy, and this one was filled to the BRIM! Molly and Ruben...

Camille + YiJing (Intimate Wedding at Little Wren Chapel in Rockwall)

Camille and YiJing celebrated their vows with a close group of family and friends at the Little Wren Chapel in Rockwall. This chapel was absolutely adorable and the area surrounding felt like a private garden, perfect for portraits with the bride and groom! YiJing’s family was unable to travel due to the virus-that-must-not-be-named (going full...

Amber + Brandon (Summer Outdoor Wedding at Waterstone Venue)

Amber and Brandon’s destination wedding might have been canceled due to the ‘rona, but that didn’t stop them from getting hitched and having one hell of a party! These two were married at the Waterstone Venue in Celina, a gorgeous barn venue complete with a gorgeous large pond and even an “island’ for outdoor ceremonies!...


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