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wedding and portrait photography that's fun, heartfelt, and authentic.

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worldwide photographer, small town vibes


Coming soon, I promise. In the meantime, here are the lyrics to "Fergalicious"

Listen up, y'all, 'cause this is it

The beat that I'm bangin' is delicious

Fergalicious, definition make them boys go loco

They want my treasure, so they get their pleasures from my photo

You could see me, you can't squeeze me

I ain't easy, I ain't sleazy

I got reasons why I tease 'em

Boys just come and go like seasons

Fergalicious (so delicious)

But I ain't promiscuous

And if you was suspicious

All that shit is fictitious

I blow kisses (mwah)

That puts them boys on rock, rock

And they be lining down the block

Just to watch what I got (four, tres, two, uno)


hype woman

(and professional third wheel)

Ready to shoot?


let's make some magic together